My story.


Hi, my name is Caroline, it's lovely to have you here, it's a great first step in improving your health and wellbeing.

I became a Naturopath to help people achieve optimal wellness through natural medicine, herbal remedies from plants have been used for centuries and it is a wonderful and natural way to help the body heal itself. I am passionate about educating people on ways to reduce their toxic load in their lives (both environmentally and emotionally ) to improve wellbeing for themselves and their families. 

I have always had a love for natural medicine, and growing up by the beach I was blessed with living a naturally healthy and active lifestyle. When I became adrenally exhausted in my early thirties from emotional stress, working too hard and not letting my body rest, this sparked a desire to change and led me on the health journey to where I am today. 

I started to NOURISH my body, eating nutritious whole foods, practised self care and self love, plant medicine, yoga, removing all toxic chemicals from my home and my body healed wonderfully over time, I studied Naturopathy and changed careers, became a mumma to two beautiful girls and now I help people do the same, HEAL their body physically and emotionally and become the best person they can be, VIBRANT healthy and happy with life. 

My beautiful clinic is in Glenbrook, at the base of the Blue Mountains in Sydney. I also have Skype consultations available.

Qualifications: Advanced Diploma Naturopathy ATMS member 28283