Initial Consultation

60 MINUTES $120

The first visit with me is about understanding you, we will talk about your health concerns and goals and go through your case history. With that information I will formulate a treatment plan specially for you, herbal medicines and/or nutritional supplements are usually prescribed, along with diet and lifestyle suggestions, and referral for testing may be completed as well.


Follow up Consultation

30 MINUTES $60 • 45 MINUTES $80

In these appointments we will chat about your progress, results from testing if applicable and I will continue to support you with your treatment plan. Changes and additional recommendations are made if necessary at this time. 


Acute Consultation 

30 MINUTES $60 

For when you have a short term condition like cold/flu, the symptoms are discussed and a symptomatic herbal remedy is prescribed. 


Children's Consultation

45 MINUTES $75

The first visit is about understanding your child, we will talk about any health concerns and go through a case history to determine the best treatment plan, this may include herbal medicine, supplements,  dietary and lifestyle advice or flower essence remedies. 


Skype Consultation

60 minutes $120

A Skype consultation is very similar to an in clinic consultation, except you are in the comfort of your own home. Any herbs or supplements I prescribe as part of your treatment plan can be posted out to you.